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Welcome to the Juniper Berry. A very popular and traditional English Pub overlooking the new West Quay shopping, dining and leisure complex, and just a 2 minute walk from the high street and busy ferry terminals also only 50 yards from where the annual Southampton International Boat Show is held. And then there is smreka – the fermented juniper berry juice. Have you tried it? If not, you should! Because smreka is simply perfect. Although the mention of fermented plants evokes the taste of sauerkraut, think of juniper berry juice as a “more sour than usual” lemonade that can be consumed as is, or made sweeter with honey or sugar. Juniper Juniperus spp. bushes are popular shrubs that produce a bluish colored berry. With varieties hardy from U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 2 through 10, many junipers are purely ornamental, but some produce berries that people use to flavor gin and other products. 28/02/2019 · Just this morning, I observed a herd of deer eating the berries that are just beginning to ripen on juniper trees in the area. Birds, squirrels, and deer love the berries, and here in Central Oregon, they have more than enough to keep them supplied. Is juniper really a berry? Actually, it isn't!

Health benefits of Juniper berry – Juniper berries, including plants in the family Cupressaceae. In botany, the herb is called Juniperus communis. But not only that, besides that some other names refer to this miraculous herb. Juniper Berry Info Thank you! We have some juniper berries my husband bought, and I like to just suck on them, and them chew them up. I know they are good to flush excess water weight out of your system, but did not know about their other health benefits. If you compare the average fresh juniper berry vs. blueberry, both look similar in size and color when ripe, yet they’re unrelated and taste nothing alike. Juniper berries can be eaten fresh or dried, whole or ground, raw or cooked. They have an intense taste and scent; that of turpentine from pine.

Pear, Plum and Juniper Berry Pie You don’t often see a fruit pie suited to winter, but this honey-glazed pastry is the exception to the rule. Plums, apples, pears and juniper berries make for a dessert that’s equal parts sweet, tart, and piney, for a complex. Combine the juniper berries, thyme, and the pepper in a small mixing bowl. Rub the lamb with the spices, cover, and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Juniper berries recipes. The spicy, aromatic, dark berries of the juniper tree can be used fresh or dried, crushed or whole, to flavour casseroles, marinades and stuffings and complement pork, rabbit, venison, beef and duck. They can also be used in sweet dishes such as fruitcake. Juniper berry sauce is often a popular flavoring choice for quail, pheasant, veal, rabbit, venison, and other game dishes. Essential oil. Juniper Juniperus osteosperma and scopulorum essential oil. Juniper berries are steam distilled to produce an essential oil that may vary from colorless to yellow or pale green. 16/10/2010 · Juniper berries are very nutritious and high in medicinal value. Not really a berry at all, but more of a form of cone, it just looks like a berry. The Oil from the crushed berry can be used in aromatherapy for bronchitis. The berry is the flavoring for Gin. The berries are only the beginning of uses of the Juniper Tree. http.

The Juniper berry dates back to the ancient times having been found in Egyptian tombs and had been used medicinally as a diuretic. The Romans used Juniper berries as a cheap substitute for black pepper as well. In modern times, it is used in European cuisine especially as a spice for wild game. 09/01/2019 · California juniper Juniperus californica grows abundantly in arid terrains of southern California and northern Baja California at elevations between 2500 and 5000 feet 750 - 1500 meters. It produces berry-like cones that take nearly a year to ripen and have a history of medicinal use as well as food use by local indigenous. Juniper trees are found mostly in mountainous regions of North America, Europe, and Asia. Our juniper essential oil is certified organic and steam-distilled from berries grown in Hungary. AROMATHERAPY USES: Juniper berry essential oil is used to relieve stress and anxiety, and to help purify the air. The juniper is strong in all of the gins on this list, but Portland Dry Gin 33 takes things to a whole other level. New Deal Distillery went for a juniper purist vibe and only put juniper berries in its gin. That’s it. No citrus, no cardamom, just juniper.

Juniper Berry is simply divine. Aromatic and perfumey, it is just the perfect spice for a buttery cookie. Growing on Vancouver Island, and all over the world, common junipers gorgeous blue-black berries actually tiny cones are best known as the taste ingredient of gin. For those who have never encountered the juniper berry, imagine the.

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